CRESCENDO APPAREL is a newly established children’s wear brand based in Hong Kong. We are a team of passionate fashion graduates from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the London College of Fashion. Our purpose is to accompany every kids’ growths in a distinctive smart casual way but also tailored for comfort at a reasonable price.

Why do we start designing ?

The first step into designing all began from her childhood memory of the founder. The joy and passion of mixing and matching clothes was an art. The founder’s mother used to own a boutique 30 years ago. The mother would always took her there and let her watch how she mixed-and-matched for customers. This ignited the little girl’s passion as she watched a lot of people getting dressed up and walking out with a sense of fulfilment of their identity through fashion. However, back in the days when choices were limited. It was difficult as comfortable clothes were the norm and stylish outfits were limited. Now the little girl has grown up and advocating to offer Crescendo Apparel for every kids providing the style of today with the comfort to enjoy clothing with style.

Our products

We emphasise styles, fabrication and comfortability. We design children’s wear with a wide range from age 2 to age 12; girl’s, boy’s and unisex coats, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, tops,etc. 

Our quality

Our products are made of finest fabrics e.g. wool, alpaca fiber, linen, cotton, etc.. You will see a strong colour contrast and high-end craftsmanship are applied in our collections. 

We hope CRESCENDO APPAREL can brighten every kids’ childhoods with our products ! Cheers xx