FW 2021

Hello everyone! You are about to see the first collection of Crescendo Apparel; Fall Winter 2021 – Adventures awaits! Adventures awaits! is the very first collection of Crescendo Apparel, we are so thrilled to share this big news to you all. High quality fabrics (Wool, Alpaca, Linen, Cotton,etc.) and high-end craftsmanship are applied in the collection.

Taking the inspiration from the counterculture fashion era (the 60’s) of America, we designed unisex products with bright colours. The products are easy-to-mix and match, playful and also classy. You can see strong colour contrast and distinctive fabrics are on the designs with exceptional cuts. The collection is divided into two lines.

Where it begins – represents travellers with stories.  The line is relatively classy but also with modern cuttings, most of the items are unisex. Taking a closer look at the signature coats, herringbone pattern expresses a retro feel to the overlook, the fluffy sugar-brown pockets and oversized shoulder design are where the fun hidden. Put on the cosy, warm coat and go on a meaningful trip, that is where childhood memories come from.

Here comes the adventurers – Remember how fun it was to explore new things when we were kids ? Crescendo Apparel believes taking the initiative to explore is the efficient way to learn, the fun way to live. For this line, several bold colors are widely used in a relatively sporty wear (jackets, sweaters, sweatpants, overalls and onesies). Faux-suede, dungaree and denim are the main fabric-usage in the line; which perfectly match with vintage brass buckles/buttons.

We are so proud to provide unisex products to kiddos and now check them out in our website! Cheers x